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Owner of Dead Man Vintage



You started Dead Man Vintage in 2010, what is it about vintage clothing and furniture that you love? 

After a long period of various other pursuits it's so nice to resurrect DMV for a while and be back amongst it. I love the nostalgia of it. all, the attention to detail, the fabric and designs. Most of all I love the process of sourcing, collecting and curating.


What are you most proud of in life? 

I got sober a few years back. I’m proud of that, and infinitely grateful.

Can you tell us a bit more about your journey to sobriety? And how has it changed your life? 

I had flirted with sobriety a few times before I finally made a proper go of it. Unfortunately by the end of my drinking career the booze had a real hold over me, I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. With help I managed to string one day to another and another, now its been over two and half years. Taking a long look in the mirror, working on myself and figuring out who the f*%k I am was not easy, and that’s a life long journey. Honestly - if I could just have a few glasses of wine, or even just a bottle on a Friday night, then I would. But for me I know I can’t, it never stopped there. My life looks so different these days, and I don’t miss drinking at all - that’s something I never thought I’d ever say! I had some of the best times of my life drinking and partying, and I’m glad. Everything I did got me to where I am now - sober and at peace.

What advice would you give someone who is curious about being sober? 

If you’re curious, give it a go! If you can stay sober easily and you feel great, then lucky you - you can choose. If you can’t stay sober, you may need help and that's ok - it's absolutely possible to be free. 

You're a mother to a 20 year old, how does that influence your creative pursuits or your approach to life? 

I spent my 20s as a solo mother which was both challenging and incredibly rewarding, now I’m in my 40s and my daughter is in her third year of University at Victoria. After losing my own mother at 16 I’m acutely aware of the privilege it is to have her as a best friend and muse, sharing her life out in the world as a young adult. A sense of freedom and inspiration has entered my life over the past few years and I’m learning to enjoy the ride and not grip so tightly.


If you didn't have DMV what you love to be doing?

I've aways been someone with more than one thing on the go, and I’ve never been able to do the boring office 9-5 very well. My boyfriend and I can’t wait to travel more. I’m also currently studying for my Real Estate licence - I feel it’s an industry that could do with a few more smart honest women and a few less shifty swindling dudes!

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Or the best lesson you’ve learnt? 

I'm in a relationship with someone who has taught me to love fearlessly and endlessly, and that acceptance is key.


How does your OHEN lingerie make you feel? 

Sexy and important. I bought my first OHEN set when I was going through a period of radical change in my life. It felt like an act of self love, staying faithful to my own worth. A reminder to keep it simple, but always keep it sexy.

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